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My Background

I am a French native speaker who has lived in the UK for 28 years. I am bilingual French-English and I have been teaching French for 25+ years.

I studied social work in Belgium and then did PA studies in a school where the French language was studied in great depth. In England, I studied at International House, London for the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language.
I love languages, how they are formed, how they evolve and I am fascinated by how, thanks to them, we can reach out to other cultures.

Qualification: Diploma

Institute: International House London

Course: Teaching Of French as a Foreign Language


After studying at International House, I taught French in companies (General Electric etc.. ) and taught civil servants (DTI, Department for Transport and Environment, the Cabinet Office) in London for several years.

Since being in the Cotswolds, I tought at Messier Dowty in Gloucester as they need French to communicate with Airbus employees in Toulouse but I have been teaching mainly from home, one to one,two to one.

My clients have been a mix of Adults who want to improve their French for holidays or with the intention of moving to France, GCSE and A levels students.

I also teach a few children through games, songs, drawing, cooking etc.

I always endeavour to make my lessons fun and interesting to you. 

Some people are a bit nervous to speak when they arrive but within a few minutes they relax as the atmosphere is very friendly. The lessons are completely adapted to your needs and your level!


I am reasonably flexible and I will try to fit you into my timetable to the best of my ability.

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